Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3)

Unreal Garden at Electronic Entertainment Exposition

Enklu produced the Unreal Garden as a feature attraction at the Electronic Entertainment Exposition. For this high-throughput entertainment experience, our enchanted garden themed immersive augmented reality content was integrated with props, projections and haptics.

  • 6000 sq ft
  • 5000+ Players
  • 2.5 Days
  • 100 Microsoft Hololenses
Guests were onboarded in batches to ensure their "magic powers were activated" and they got the most from the experience

An immersive consumer experience at this scale using the Microsoft Hololens had not been done before. We partnered with the Entertainment Software Association and OneDome to bring this unprecedented attraction to the show floor. Guests explored a fully immersive and mystical garden in the middle of E3. The area contained a variety of interactive elements, showcasing world-class visual artistry, and 3D dynamic sound. Users were able to "touch" giant holographic mushrooms and make them spin or dance, or they could gain wisdom and insights from friendly animal totems located throughout using eye gaze interactions. Holding up your finger in front of the HoloLens would summon a ball of "energy" with swirling sacred geometry light effects, and that you could use to interact with virtual objects.

“It was a pleasure to work with Enklu in creating The Unreal Garden @ E3, together we developed a mixed reality experience where art and entertainment came to life on the E3 show floor. Augmented reality, projection mapping, technology and soundscapes combined for an immersive experience that, thanks in great part to our partnership with Enklu more than 7000 E3 attendees were able to enjoy” Dan Hewitt, Vice President of Communications, Entertainment Software Association

One of the highlights of the experience was haptic integration, powered by UltraLeap. We combined ultra-sonic haptic technology with holographic objects, so guests could "touch" floating energy orbs and feel their vibrations mid-air. Groups who coordinated to touch 4 energy orbs at the same time, unlocked a hidden easter egg and were greeted by a gorgeous holographic butterfly, the Cosmic Guardian. This also triggered changes in the projections and lighting in the venue in the real world simultaneously.

Ultra-sonic haptics pads from UltraLeap were integrated so guests "felt" like they were touching energy orbs

After exiting the expansive 25 minute experience, guests stepped in front of our interactive augmented reality mirror, called the Reveal, which attached colorful wings on their body and placed them in a rainforest environment. People were able to download and share the photos on social media. This was accomplished using our same content creation and publishing platform as the Microsoft Hololens experience, but displayed and interacted with using a different set of hardware.

The augmented reality garden inside was complimented by external display screens and illuminated live music and dance performances to keep attendees entertained while they were waiting in the queue or after completing the experience.

This was a very popular and innovative attraction for the conference. It created quite a stir among attendees and staff. Staff would take breaks from other booths to come do our experience, and even just to hang out in our magical playground. Attendees throughout the far reaches of the conference were heard discussing the experience and atmosphere around it with awe.

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