Haunted Holograms at Linkedin

As a Halloween baby, I loved this Haunted Hologram scene that we created at Enklu. Leveraging highly effective spatial audio and creepy music, atmospheric fog, and a few interactive elements, it was a fun and playful introduction to immersive holographic experiences. When prompted to dare activate an interaction, players would use a gaze trigger and then ended up releasing some holographic bats flying from their cage, and along with them some mayhem.

This project started out as a fun team side project and learning exercise for some of our hosts. After working on framing, scene layout, audio effects and interactions, it got enough momentum and polish that the whole team helped out and it was demonstrated in a 20x20 tent for a Halloween event at Linkedin. It was popular and enjoyed by a multitude of people, and many of them were wearing costumes, as well as our Hololenses, of course!