Universal & Ford

Universal Monsters at Universal City

Please excuse the low image quality for the still captures here, but this project was too funny to be left out.

This pilot project for Universal and Ford was in place at Universal City in Los Angeles for a month leading up to Halloween. Visitors would go for a ride in a brand new Ford Escalade. During their ride they played a VR game by Holoride in which they had to save the Bride of Frankenstein from some creepy monsters.

After the ride was over, they would pass by an interactive AR mirror, called the Enklu Reveal. While standing there, they discovered they had powerful energy bolts emanating from their hands as they moved. After engaging with a controller to start the sequence and record a video of the guest playing with the energy bolt effects, the same pair of creepy monsters would suddenly and surprisingly emerge to attack them from behind.

Some of the resulting takeaway photos and videos were hilarious. Admittedly, we had a lot of laughs developing and testing this one.