Burning Man

Burning Man Calendar

With an explosive picture of the first giant Man on the cover, this classically styled edition of the Burning Man calendar was produced for the 2016-2017 burn year and showcased Burning Man art out in the world.

Among the 80 or so images throughout, some were included of a temple created by local Burners and installed on a lake at George Mason University (my graduate school alma mater), art installations from the BURN2 official regional event in virtual reality, and a temple by David Best and crew erected in Londonderry, Ireland.

A photo of the David Best Temple in Londonderry, Ireland and the Man from BURN2 included amongst other green imagery for the March spread

Included on the bonus page with the extra calendar spreads to complete the year of 2017, was a stunning photo of the Fly Geyser at Fly Ranch. The property had just been purchased by Burning Man, with the help of 14 donors, several days before the calendar went to press.

A brand new photo of Fly Geyser by George Post was included to celebrate the recent purchase of Fly Ranch by the Burning Man organization

Deep and heartfelt gratitude to all the photographers, artists, camps, mutant vehicle owners, regional contacts, performers, artifact creators and other contributors to the project, each of whom gave permission for their work to be included and was thoroughly credited in the project and sent copies of the final product.

All but the first edition of the Burning Man Calendars were produced in partnership with designer Arin Fishkin. You can learn more about the nuances and full history of this project in this post on the Burning Man journal.