Burning Man

Burning Man Calendar

When you produce a project annually, you are (hopefully) always looking for a fresh approach or a new angle to make each one different. For the 2007-2008 edition of the Burning Man Calendar, we literally took a fresh angle to the design and decided to lean away from the straight vertical or horizontal shapes which are prevalent in just about every calendar ever produced.

This angular design was combined with some rough and dirty visual effects, since the Burning Man experience in Black Rock City tends to be a bit rough around the edges and more than a little bit dirty and dusty. Artifacts and oddball holidays were included, as were upcoming year-round official Burning Man and Regional Network events (those that had firm dates available when the project went to press.) Also included were periodic countdowns of days to the burn combined with playa planning tips to help individuals and groups ramp up to that year's Burn.

Playa planning tips and countdown to the Burn

Deep and heartfelt gratitude to all the photographers, artists, camps, mutant vehicle owners, regional contacts, performers, artifact creators and other contributors to the project, each of whom gave permission for their work to be included and was thoroughly credited in the project and sent copies of the final product.

All but the first edition of the Burning Man Calendars were produced in partnership with designer Arin Fishkin. You can learn more about the nuances and full history of this project in this post on the Burning Man journal.