Mar 1, 2023

Prepare to be TRANSFIXed. First in Las Vegas. After that? The World.

Post by 
Heather Gallagher

For the past two years I've been developing a new project which is going to revolutionize the way the world experiences and understands art.

So sorry for the radio silence for so long. I've been dying to tell you all about it. Behind the scenes and under the cover of many non-disclosure agreements, my new partners and I at TRANSFIX have been hard at work founding a company, fundraising, connecting with artists, researching venues, designing an experience, and navigating a small mountain of legal contracts, insurance forms and compliance paperwork. The amazing world-class team that has been assembled is undaunted by the task. TRANSFIX is on a mission.

We've created an unprecedented new touring platform, a massive immersive art experience, that celebrates art and the artists who make it. Not just any art. Monumental art. Innovative art. Interactive art. Fire-breathing art. Art that is meant to be experienced with the whole of your humanity. Art that touches you at the core, ignites your creativity, and gives you permission to play and dance like no one is watching.

This art wasn't created just to be hung on a gallery wall for purchase, then hidden away in a private collection or sequestered behind a velvet rope. This art is born of passion, community, ingenuity, and a determination to make something that seems impossible into a remarkable reality. We know the world needs to experience this kind of art and will be inspired by the artists who make it.

We have dedicated ourselves to this purpose, investing our reputations, bank accounts and several years of our lives in order to birth what we believe will become a new creative ecosystem where everyone wins, including the artists and you!

I'm delighted to come out of the long silence and let you know that TRANSFIX is launching this April 21st on the Las Vegas Strip with a 2-acre outdoor experience at Resorts World. Tickets go on sale March 15.

I look forward to seeing you there.

*image credit: AXION by Christopher Bauder & KiNK, photo by Ralph Larmann