May 7, 2021

My heroes of reality podcast interview is now available

Post by 
Heather Gallagher

I'm pleased to share that Heroes of Reality have posted the podcast interview I did with them. Dylan Watkins and I had a great chat and could have gone on for hours more. Topics covered included:

  • ‍What it was like being head of tech for Burning Man
  • How I got the job at Burning Man
  • Why I left Burning Man for XR/AR/VR
  • My advice and request to XR developers
  • Synchronicity is available to us always
  • The power of authoring your own life
  • Personal transformation
  • The spirituality of creativity
  • How to be creative, even if you think you aren’t

And, I’m sure we covered a whole lot more‍. Thanks to Drew Sciarra for the invite to speak.

You can watch and listen to our conversation here.

Make sure to take the Hero quiz on their homepage.