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It's an amazing time to be alive. Spatial computing and tech-powered immersive experiences enable humans to gather, work and play inside of digital worlds. Similarly, 3D digital content is entering human lives like never before.

Together, as we explore uncharted dimensions that intertwine the human and digital worlds, we need multifaceted leaders like Heather Gallagher. Considered an experience economy and transformative event expert, she is fluent in both technology and humanity, combined with embodied and spatial wisdom, and humanistic cultural values.

At the innovative edge of culture, Heather led technology and design for Burning Man for 17 years and was a core member of event leadership and cross functional executive teams. At the heart of what became a global phenomenon, she gained an unparalleled understanding of how a city full of immersive art and spectacle can emerge from a blank dusty canvas, and alongside it deeply transformative experiences, civic engagement, and an inspired global community. She was an entrusted community leader, strategic visionary, cultural ambassador, public speaker and visual storyteller for the organization.

As humans begin to connect and play together in innovative 3D digital dimensions, Heather left Burning Man to pioneer another blank canvas. She started producing groundbreaking immersive and interactive augmented reality experiences for brands and entertainment and the venues to showcase them.

Heather is currently considering new projects that weave together human experiences, creative events and immersive technologies. Contact her for innovative leadership that inspires inter-dimensional awe and wonder.

On Stage

Megan Miller
Burning Man Director of Communications

"Heather is an exceptional leader, storyteller, and public speaker who has given so much to the Burning Man community and beyond. She delighted audiences while representing our organization and culture on stages large and small across the U.S. and abroad."

“When it comes to creativity and technology, Heather definitely will not disappoint. She sets the stage on what the future will look like, and leaves the crowd wanting more. She is a true inspiration. Once you get to witness Heather on stage, you will understand why we bring her back!”

Tristan Every
ATECH Foundation Co-Founder & President

“Heather was inspiring, brilliant, and an authentic natural leader and role model for all of us. Our students thought she was SO cool, or dope as they say!”

Maya Bartolf
XR Marin Program Specialist
San Francisco, California
USA, Earth

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